Keep Your Sidewalks Safe and Attractive

Sidewalks are designed to facilitate pedestrians’ use, and making sure that sidewalks are safe is crucial for everyone users. After the sidewalks have been constructed, the ground beneath them can gradually settle, causing for the cement to set as time passes. Sinking and setting can result in cracks and uneven surfaces which could pose a risk to the people who use them. Eliminating the risk of tripping could reduce the risk of serious injuries and help make sidewalks safer for everyone who uses them, no matter if it’s located on your commercial property or in the vicinity of your home. Get a FREE estimate from Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh today

Keep Your Sidewalks Safe and Inviting

We are Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh, we offer professional repair of walkways and sidewalks using a tried-and-tested method of injecting concrete leveling foam beneath the surface. We carefully and meticulously lift the concrete up using the foam to level the surface, preventing cracks from growing. If you don’t take care to address your concerns, it can result in an aggravation of the issue that could result in a more expensive replacement later on.

The technique we employ to level concrete is so efficient that we offer a 2-year assurance against settling once the project is completed. In the event that we are providing commercial services we can provide off-hours services to avoid interruptions to normal business hours.

We are aware the importance of keeping family members, acquaintances and customers safe is essential for you. As an owner of a business or home you’d like to limit the risk of injury to your property, and also ensure that your loved ones are safe from being injured. If you’d like more details on how to repair your walkways or sidewalks Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have, give you an estimate for the repair and help you schedule your appointment. We are looking to serving you!


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