Fixing Settled Interior Slabs

There are a variety of concrete slabs for interior use that we depend on for our businesses and homes each day. From the basement to the garage to concrete steps concrete slabs are crucial for our daily activities even when we’re not actually thinking about it.

However, with time, these interior slabs may begin to settle. It’s normal for the process of settling into a home but it could also cause major issues. If you find that your inside slabs aren’t exactly in the same spot in which they began some time ago, you might be wondering if there’s an option to fix the issue and return them to their original form. Call Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh for more information

A few concrete repair businesses will look at interior slabs that are settling and would like to put new concrete over the slab in order to level it. The issue with this is that putting a more concrete on top of settled interior slabs may make it settle more. This means you’ll require an alternative approach in order to restore interior slabs to make sure they’re as good as new.

It is good to know that there is modern technology in concrete leveling foam, which supports existing slabs inside from beneath. Once concrete leveling is inserted to your garage, basement steps, porch, or even your patio, it raises the concrete slab out from beneath and acts as a barrier to hold it in the desired position. It means you don’t have to be concerned about removing the concrete slabs that are already there or putting new concrete.

Concrete leveling foam can be cheaper for any business or homeowner who is looking for solutions to uneven interior slabs. It is not necessary to remove old concrete or build foundations from scratch it is possible to have your business or home the interior slabs being restored quickly and efficiently.

We at Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh, we believe that repair of concrete shouldn’t be an art of science however, it must employ modern and latest technology. We have more than forty years experience offering concrete repair solutions and we’re thrilled to offer this latest technology to your home or your business. Contact us today to set up an appointment!


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