Decorative Cement & Dyeing Applications

If you’re a homeowner and have an old concrete floor that requires an upgrade, don’t just replace it. Instead, you should consider hiring a concrete contractor that has expertise in dyeing solutions for designs of decorative cement floors. Cement creates a tough floor for basement and garage flooring, however, they tend to appear dull and dirty as they age. For homeowners living in Pittsburgh, a special cement dye can make your concrete floors in a snap. Contact us for your cement mixing needs.

Colorful cement dyeing solutions can be absorbed into the surface, creating a new appearance to your concrete flooring. Concrete/cement dye comes in various colors that are quick to dry, which makes installation on the same day possible. Get rid of dull and boring finishes since the cement dye can create unique, one of a unique design. Because the dye triggers a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with cement, variations, and inconsistencies typically occur.

Decorative Cement Dye Designs
There are many color options and design options to create an exclusive appearance for your home, as well as commercial concrete flooring using concrete dye. Because this process requires special equipment and chemicals, It is best to have it installed by a professional. Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh specializes in the design of decorative concrete dyes and has the most competitive rates within Pittsburgh.

The Spotted Look
The”spotted” look is a well-liked design among homeowners living in the Triangle Area and surrounding communities. It gives your floors a worn, rustic and spotted appearance that can be crafted with a variety of patterns or colors. The process of applying it is typically carried out through the use of an initial coat after which you apply a different color over it. The color contrast is typically applied by hand using either a cloth or sponge.

Expert and experienced cement contractors typically have a portfolio which you can browse through designs and patterns when you’re uncertain of your style. If you discover a design you like, enjoy watching us create your own custom-colored cement masterpiece! It’s really that easy to hire an expert to complete the job.

Adding Decorative Cement Designs
One of the major benefits for the concrete dye applications is the infinite possibilities of pattern and design configurations. In this case, adding studding stones as a border can drastically alter the appearance the design. Molds with stencils are a good option for pressing into concrete that is wet leaving an impression. They are able to provide designs and patterns that look like cobblestones, flagstones, bricks and much more.

Concrete floor patterns with checkered designs is possible using concrete dyeing software. DIY mechanics and gear heads adore concrete garage floors with checkered designs because it is easy to clean and protects against chemical spills. Concrete is a weatherproof and long-lasting material, this is not the case with concrete for outdoor dyes. If you are thinking of dyeing your concrete driveway or patio is a good idea to leave it to the experts handling the job. Certain UV-resistant sealants are required for concrete outdoor applications.

Decorative Cement Dyeing Adds Property Value
Dyeing the garage floor can enhance curb appeal and the value of your property. Renovating your cement floors with concrete dyes is cheaper than a total tear-down and replacement. As you will see, there are a lot of advantages to considering decorative concrete dyeing options to give your floors a fresh look. Homeowners living in Pittsburgh and are looking for a professional concrete floor dyed with a color should contact Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh by calling Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh for the most competitive prices and a customized concrete services around.

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