Backyard Concrete Gardens

Beautiful gardens are a major part of the attractiveness of gorgeous residences in Pittsburgh. If you love gardening and gardening, then you must think about having an attractive concrete service by Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh. We can help you create your custom concrete garden you’ve always wanted! Our work provides useful conveniences as well as highlighting particular features to increase the appeal of the vegetable and flower gardens. Contact Cement Contractors of Pittsburgh for more information.

For example, three wonderful concrete enhancements that are guaranteed to show off your gardening skills to their fullest advantage. You’ll get many compliments from your neighbors and friends when you incorporate beautiful plants into the concrete garden setting. It is a versatile material for building decorative concrete is able to create beautiful, stunning landscapes:

Enjoy The Convenience of Raised Bed Gardening With Our Help

Many gardeners today are promoting the advantages of gardening with raised beds. Through the offset of the plot of flowers or vegetables in a fence and placing a tiered layer of compost and gravel within this controlled, well-drained space, gardeners have the chance to harvest more abundant crops. There are many companies that offer plastic or wood solutions for the construction of raised garden beds. But did you know that you can take advantage of a low-cost raised bed gardening with the aid of concrete blocks as well as poured concrete by Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh? The best part is that these raised beds are permanent and provide many years of use and pleasure!

Gardeners who are older may find they are unable to work on gardening plots, including raised beds. Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh offers valuable help in this case. We’ll construct raised beds that are at the table height, meaning you don’t need to sit or stand just to plant, weed, fertilize, water, or harvest vegetables. Imagine the ease that this kind of gardening offers? You’ll have the opportunity to engage in healthy outdoor activities while working outdoors with no discomfort. We can even put decorative concrete on the outside areas of the elevated garden beds, to satisfy your preferences for design.

Add Concrete Fire Pit to Your Yard

Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh offers another product that will appeal to people who love relaxing in a concrete landscape. If you are planning to plant attractive flowers, delicious vegetables (or both) or simply enjoy nature, You’ll surely appreciate having the opportunity to enjoy relaxing in your concrete garden. Take in the splendor of your work thanks to the comfort of a concrete bench.

Concrete fire pit

Again, the versatility in concrete’s material for construction allows you to let your imagination run wild. We build fire pits and benches that have features that are both functional and aesthetic. This beautiful outdoor furniture provides a handy space to store a container of garden tools at the reach of your relaxing in the sun during spring.

Hillside Mowing Problems? Install a New Rock Garden With Our Help!

Do you own a home that is situated on an uphill slope? A steeply inclined landscape can cause problems. If you’re exhausted of trying to mow these difficult areas, or are worried about erosion, why don’t you think about constructing a terraced rock garden with our help? We’ll design the one (or more) walls for retaining to make a beautiful landscaping for a beautiful landscape or terraced gardens. A place that was once an issue of grounds maintenance tension can be transformed into a beautiful benefit to improve the appearance of your home!

Simply let us know what kind of retention wall(s) you’d like. We’ll build excellent, strong concrete walls or put concrete on top of the masonry. If you’ve discussed this idea with a professional engineer or landscaper, we’ll work with them to make sure your garden will be an ideal, secure space to showcase your gardening expertise. Sometimes, simply terracing a slope improves the ease of mowing and also helps to stop erosion. Terraced or rock gardens in these areas of Pittsburgh provide a beautiful setting for displaying a variety of plant species, including red sedum, mosses decorative tea roses, grasses and the cascading vines.

Further Information

For more information on the concrete projects that we can help you with your garden or other concrete home enhancements, call Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh at (412) 561-9081. We can also be reached by using our convenient email form. We’ll help you design the breathtaking outdoor landscapes you’ve always dreamed of to enhance your Pittsburgh house in a stunning manner!

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